The science of IVF and Embryology is an exciting interdisciplinary field of research, which is seeing rapid growth worldwide . IVF clinics are moving rapidly towards standardization of IVF lab work environment by individual and clinic accreditation. Well trained professional development is becoming a requirement for embryology and related staff working in IVF laboratories and human fertility services . EMBRYOEDU is one of the best IVF and Embryology training centres in INDIA for all the aspiring novices in the field of infertility,IVF and embryology who wish to prove themselves in this challenging field .Our whole team would give their best to transform a young talented youngster into a competent and independent professional through our modular teaching courses. We try sincerely to grant you with latest and globally recognized exclusive hands on training for learning . In the due course of training ,we also encourage interaction with our eminent international faculties from across the globe , university exchange programmes in order to keep our trainees aware of recent pathbreaking developments happening in this field .

Study programme focus:

Through these programmes , you will gain fundamental knowledge of reproductive physiology, microscopy ,microbiology,IVF technology. At the end of the training ,you will acquire the relevant competencies of doing regularly performed IVF procedures .There will be considerable scope for taking individual special courses where you can explore a topic of own choice in-depth. We offer exclusive courses in Clinical IVF & Clinical Embryology alongwith individualized training on demand . We offer a range of on- and off-campus practical workshops and short courses which are flexible and fulfil individual needs .We also provide clinical observership for novices . These courses are available throughout the year in limited numbers alongwith an entry and exit exam.


With a Certificate of Training in IVF-embryology, you will have many job opportunities in IVF Centres and ART Research Institutes as well as in the Biotechnology & Stem cell research area.

Other details:

Our comprehensive Infertility and Embryology training Programmes are unique & give the trainees an oppurtunity to expand their knowledge base which later on helps them to become a competent Fertility care professional.

Our training programmes are exclusive handson,primed & topped adequately with related theory.We also provide the trainees adequate technical support in establishing ART labs .

PGs may apply for concession in training fee through their department HODs or chiefs .

Online training programmes are also available for trainees from abroad .

Above training programmes do not include staying charges . But,suitable stay can be arranged .

All the trainees will be awarded training completion certificate at the end of the training in a valedictory function .

Possession of these training Certificates enable the trainees the highest level of expertise to treat patients with reproductive endocrine and infertility disorders.

These programmes are offered in english.

Successful trainees